Jan 30 2017

Thinking about self-care in this period of sadness,  fear,  anger,  and anxiety – – 

I am so fortunate.   This past week I was blessed to be able to attend 5 yoga classes.   Yes,  five!  One was here in our community, taught by a visitor who teaches at a Y.   Another was in a nearby community, rather upscale, a quiet, low-key class that would fit in well at an ashram, like the Himalayan Institute. My favorite class is the one at the library, two evenings a week in Lake Wales.  And I participated in two mini classes at a yoga studio open house in Lakeland on Saturday.   Each class was different, and each brought good reminders – – the importance of breathing,  posture, balance, and the use of props such as blankets, blocks, and chairs.   

The take-away:  whatever draws you – – walks or hikes, time in the gym or fitness room, meditation, fitness classes,  yoga classes or retreats – – find or create or simply take the time to care for yourself.   Take the time to breathe.   Dealing with the many… actions… of this administration will, in my opinion, require us to be strong and centered. 

Finding a convenient yoga class is not an easy thing.  But if yoga appeals to you,  there are so many options:  books, magazines (such as Yoga Journal), DVDs, and so many online options.   Explore the yoga offerings on Youtube.   Some are better than others.   Some are a better fit for some of us than others. I suggest that you explore. 

Yoga has been an important part of my life since Sept 2000.  I am so grateful to be able to breathe and move in ways that are meaningful to me and that help me to survive and focus in this stressful world. 


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